Dog Bathing & Grooming (Priced by Breed/Call for Pricing)

Bath - Includes Double Bath, Conditioning, Hand-dry, Blowout, Combing / brushing, Teeth brushed, Ears cleaned / plucked, Anal glands expressed, Paw pad trim, Sanitary trim, Nail trimming, Bandana or Bow and a lot of love.

Groom - Includes all of the above plus Haircut and Styling.

Services and pricing are based on type and size of your pet.  Call today to schedule your pet's Spa Day at Pawadise.

Pawadise Grooming Services

Pawadise offers a variety of grooming services.  Bathing and Grooming are essential to a happy and healthy pet.  At Pawadise, our goal is to provide a refreshing and relaxing experience for your four legged family members.  As part of a bath or groom we use quality shampoos and massage techniques to improve their time in the bathtub.  For coats that require it, we will use a conditioner suitable for your dog’s specific fur type.  Bathing and drying are a great opportunity to look closely and check for skin afflictions.  Dogs feel great after a bath and that’s important.  Our staff pays extra attention to the mood of the pet and accommodates accordingly.  We believe that all aspects of grooming should be enjoyable.